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Edward Scissorhands As long as our hearts are in sync, even if we can’t be together forever

Edward, who could not be called a person in the strict sense, was a “person” assembled by an invention maniac on a whim, but he was not given a pair of normal hands, but a pair of scissor hands. Later, the invention maniac wanted to give him a Christmas gift, that is, a pair of real meaning of the hand, but did not have time to install, the invention maniac died, Edward Scissorhands thus named.

Because of the birth of a pair of scissor hands, do anything inconvenient, scissors sharp, accidentally cut to the face, leaving a face scar, but it is this pair of scissor hands, so that he can trim a tree into a variety of artwork in an instant.

Salesman because early in the morning to go to various households to promote cosmetics blocked, and mistakenly into a hilltop look house, looking at the yard full of pruning different tree shape, the salesman could not resist to go to the owner of the house. Because of the kind heart, in the face of scissorhands, the salesman is not disgusted not rejected, but led him back home.

In the face of this strange scissor hand, the neighbors are talking and deliberately teasing him, but the hostess, as always, is sympathetic and sincere in helping him. Edward saw the trees in the yard, three times they cut them into the shape of the salesman’s family of four loving each other, impressing everyone, so they invited the scissors hand to trim the shape of their own family trees. As a result, walking down the street, you could see neatly trimmed lawns and trees in different shapes everywhere, all because of Scissorhands. At a party, Scissorhands gave the hostess a unique haircut shape, so everyone scrambled to get Scissorhands to shape their hair, and Scissorhands became famous.

The salesman’s daughter once forgot that thing, but the door was already locked, who knew that Scissorhands put the scissors gently in the eye of the lock and the door opened, this skill was used by the salesman’s daughter’s boyfriend, so Scissorhands was falsely accused of theft police chase. Scissorhands is very angry, no one can understand him, the reason he agreed to help the salesman’s daughter’s boyfriend, because he has fallen in love with the salesman’s daughter, if there is another choice, he will still do so, because he said: I want to give the money to the people I love. Faced with the wrongly accused Edward, the heroine also gradually changed her opinion of him. When the police chased again, they met the daughter’s boyfriend driving swiftly. In order to keep the boy, Edward desperately tried to protect the boy under himself regardless of his own life, but his scissors cut the boy’s face, and people mistakenly thought that Edward wanted to hurt the child and chased after him, when the salesman’s daughter hoarsely asked Edward to run. Edward ran to the top of the hill where he used to live, the police chased him to the bottom of the hill, firing a warning shot to warn people that Edward had gone far away and did not need to chase him, the crazy residents ignored it and ran to the mountain to chase him, the daughter’s boyfriend was jealous of Edward and ran in the front. Finally found Edward, crazy to Edward to death, the heroine fought to pull away from the two men, the boyfriend went to tear the heroine, this action angered Edward, he punched the boyfriend out of the window, fell to the ground and died. In order to protect Edward heroine quickly came to the residents, explaining that the two men died together, and never contacted again. Edward also in did not leave the castle.

Jim used Edward to steal open the door of his own house, resulting in Edward’s arrest. After Edward’s arrest, those neighbors around him revealed the dark side of human nature and looked at him in a different light, from the previous praise to become careful suspicion.

The final event that led to Edward’s lonely escape back to the old castle was that he accidentally cut Kim’s hand, and was used by Kim’s boyfriend to kick him out. The beginning of this incident is beautiful, Edward for Kim sculpture ice sculpture, a beautiful crystal clear angel, Kim in the sky flying ice flakes dancing, this is a rare beautiful romantic picture in this film, but the beautiful picture is always short-lived.

In the various conflicts with Kim’s boyfriend, Edward was driven away by the whole town, and finally under the cover of Kim, Edward was able to be spared by those who drove him away and left alone in the old castle.

Edward and gold love fairy tale until today can still move thousands of viewers, I’m afraid that in order to protect the integrity of their loved ones, had to endure the heart full of deep feelings, endure the feelings of full of longing in any era are scarce, are desired.

I am fortunate to get it, but I am not fortunate to lose it. In reality, if you also encounter this kind of love destined not to keep each other, why not decisively let go, give each other a good memory, but also give yourself a chance to turn around.

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