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Blue Gate Crossing A Time to Ride a Bicycle

The Blue Door” is the first film she acted in, and I like her light and somewhat happy feeling. When I watched the movie, I was in junior high school, and I was also in the sun with my head tilted up and my eyes closed. I was a teenager riding a bicycle in the sunshine. I can imagine, at that time, I also often lying on the table trying to look out of the window, with a trance-like expression. Why would a person go to a teacher’s class, is it for the college entrance exam? How I do not feel at all. The teacher in math class wrote a lot of letters and outlined geometric diagrams, I put my hand against my chin, it was really troublesome. We would walk several alleyways on the way to school, the sun was weak, and every day was like this, probably every day we had to ride our bicycles for more than twenty hours, regardless of the hot and cold, and so it came.

That day in class, I walked blindly on the playground and watched them play blue ball. It was really boring. Always sitting alone on the steps of the field, why do you think I just don’t do what they do anymore, it’s really confusing. There is a boy in our class who really plays so beautifully, I can always see his side snap blue. Every day let me help them buy “blue ball newspaper”, I was the kind of teenager who was very serious and ran several bookstores, at that time “blue ball newspaper”, sold so fast, I went to a few bosses said sold out. Standing in front of the bookstore there are many students, are watching the game on TV, that education bookstore I have been to several times, but never chatted with the boss and administrator, always look, want to talk, or think forget it. Get the “Blue Ball newspaper” back to the classroom, take him out of the school bag to read, why boys are so obsessed with blue ball, how I do not feel at all, really strange ah. I looked at a few eyes, put him on the desk, arms pillowed newspaper fell asleep, I think I came early, I began to feel the side of the face was a little bit of sunlight, at that time Guilan Mei like my sister ah, only a little small.

I said to the table, I know so-and-so, my sister is very much like her na. The table is very excited really? I have time to take me to see, I said, yes. At that time, I just wondered why girls would like handsome boys. What do they think about every day? So I wanted to find out what was going on with the girls, and the first time I looked through someone’s diary was after school in the afternoon, and I quietly ran across the room to see what she had written in the book, and I remembered that “The Blue Door” was quite funny when Zhang Shihao received a letter from Lin Yuezhen. “Hello Zhang Shihao. I am your classmate, often see you at school, always can not help but look at you more than a few times, will also look forward to every day to school, can see you in school. I always feel that you are a nice boy, I hesitated for a long time, but still decided to write to you”.

At that time like a person, is not all to write in the diary, as if they are very concerned about the views of another boy, boys seem to be very active. Really then I liked fantasy, every day in the daze, they all said I was too quiet, I do not know, from the home is always a person listening to songs until dark, in fact, I feel Guilian Magnesium quite fresh, I lie on the desk every day to watch her, at that time it does not matter like, just do not understand, like the “blue door” in Meng Ke-Ruo kind of immersed confusion, Guilian Magnesium like to collect Coke bottles, really quite new.

Coward. This is very much a mockery. Sometimes I feel unrealistic, always wanting to escape with them to another place and see the vast world. Is growing up really not an empty city? After this age, any more childish thoughts feel unworkable. I like to listen to other people’s stories and share their youthful and unrestrained years. I can feel the smell of fresh teenage clothes in the air. I can feel the smell of fresh teenage clothes in the air. I am confused inside. I still believe that the world always has a faith that can convince people to shine brightly. In the table sub always write other people’s names, and then in the erase. Ignorant teenagers are always like this, can dreams shine into reality? I really have a lot of questions, alone alone, only self-confrontation.

There is a beam of light in the empty city of teenagers, silent can hear the wind gently sweeping sound, from the beginning is this, “Blue Gate” is really classic, now in watching, or will be moved by these small happiness, I really like her riding a bicycle, “Blue Gate” different from the previous growth of reticence. He will bring us a lot of life thinking, not just a youthful romance, Chen Bolin is also very handsome, he likes to play the guitar, Taiwan even elephant drama in the language expression is very intimate, there are many classic lines, I think most people like to see it. Otherwise how many people will come to be able to tell these stories, in detail, to certain people, Lin Yuezhen liked that teenager. “Like him for so long, you can only secretly take his picture and pick up some of his trash”.

The story of what happened in student days, I believe there are many people have had, there is a girl in my class crush on a more handsome boy, one day she finally confessed, but was rejected, but also cut the vein over, the world really have such an infatuation with the woman. The movie was well received. At that time I was mediocre, not outstanding. I didn’t feel youthful either. Every day, I left early and came home late, with a tired body, no love letters, no love stories.

This summer has passed with the fragrant taste of sunshine, the days passed quickly, and the friends I held hands with, all seemed to become gummed up youth. The songs of Elaine Chen have always felt very fresh. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Let people can not see the face. Meng Kroo spent the youth of a teenager, she liked the girls. That experience of confusion and growth began to take on a profound moral. There must have been a lot of fear inside her along the way. In a film depicting the genre in general, this is a very innocent film. I liked it a lot.

“What kind of adults will we be three or five years from now, or even longer and longer? Will it be a gym teacher, or my mom ……”. I don’t know, maybe it will become the person we imagine. The first time I read the paragraph of Meng Keruo, I ran to you and asked you “OK?” The first thing you need to do is to ask for your help. You nodded your head. I believe that the youth of that time left a deep mark in Meng Ke-Ruo’s heart.

Meng Kerou said, I can’t see myself with my eyes closed, but I can see you ……

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