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Legends of the Fall How Women Can Live a Good Life

The Burning Years” is about a family of ranchers who live in Montana and have three sons. The oldest is calm and mature, the second is rough and wild, and the third is the family’s favorite baby. The three brothers are very affectionate. They grew up in the boundless expanse of the American West. One day, the third brother brought home his fiancĂ©e, Susan.Susan is a beautiful, elegant and passionate woman. All three brothers fall in love with her. The beginning of the tragedy. At the beginning of the film, I thought it was an art film about love, about nature. But after seeing it, I realized that the movie actually contains all the elements of a successful Hollywood movie. The plot is tight, and the story is a fascinating twist. There is a buildup, an ups and downs, and a climax. It is not like a typical art film that is so flat and relies solely on emotion to infect the audience.

I think the English and Chinese names of this movie are rare and very apt. The Chinese is “The Burning Years”. What a time of burning passion, glorious and tragic, in that magnificent landscape between the sun and the moon, flowing slowly like a river, while beneath the calm waters are flames, searing the hearts of the characters. That desperately suppressed burning sentiment is the theme song of those years.

The whole movie is a legendary feeling. The three sons of a family in the desert all fall in love with the same woman. The wild second one, with his long blond hair and raw androgynous hormones, comes towards the heroine like a wild beast. His handsome face, deep eyes, like a lion, conquered the heart of the heroine, and the audience.

I never thought it was quite silly for men to have long hair, and muscular men are also silly. My tea is gentleman. but the superstar is a superstar, the film, Brad. Pitt handsome to the point of outrage. The movie is the three brothers are deeply in love with the heroine. The heroine “broke the rock like water frozen in the rock.” The implication is that the brothers, who were in love with each other, are divided because of the heroine.

But in fact, the soul of the movie is Brad as the second. The word “legend” in the title of the movie refers to him. He is the legend. The legend is not a good character to play. To have a touch of madness, a touch of extraordinary people of the extraordinary temperament. This temperament is not just beautiful to perform. Brand looks very beautiful, but in this film, he is not just beautiful. He performed a different kind of repercussions and wild and gentle temperament. Very charming.

At the end of the movie, the oldest said to the second: “You won her. “This talented actor also won my heart as an audience member. I became a fan of Brad Pitt yesterday because of this 28-year-old movie. There are several close-ups of him in the movie, that beastly temperament, and the wounded and tearful eyes, so moving. The main line of the movie is love and affection. These two feelings interfere with each other. Why do Susan and the second love each other but ultimately miss? Because the love rivals are brothers with deep feelings. So the second will retreat, Susan will feel guilty.

Love is so wonderful. If a person loves you deeply, but because you do not love him and let him deeply hurt, then you will feel guilty, as if you need to pay for his pain and have responsibility. If you have changed your heart and fallen in love with someone else, it will be even more self-condemnation, feeling that you are simply an unforgivable bad person. Susan, the heroine of this movie, is this kind of feeling. In her last meeting with the penis, she has been a wife in tears, she said a few words, very shocking. What did she say?

She said: I have always loved you. I used to secretly wish my fiancé Samuel Sr. to die, and I.

used to wish your wife to die. She was in tears as she said it. Her contorted face revealed the indescribable complexity of her emotions. She must have felt very guilty in her heart. This desperate love gave her this vicious thought, even though those two people were like her relatives. But whenever this thought crossed her mind, she must have been so ashamed that she wanted to kill herself.

This scene, seeing her kind of tangled struggle, I was deeply moved. The love in the movie is undoubtedly surging, is like the burning passion. There are different views on love. Many people say that true love arises after the passion is gone. Dopamine only lasts for two years. Love is only love when it is treated gently. But the world’s thousands of novels, plays, and songs celebrate the kind of love that is so intense and passionate. The kind of pain that is worse than death, and the kind of pleasure that you can give up everything for. The actual fact is that the warm and calm companionship is love, or the burning passion is love? I’m confused. Maybe it’s both. The human emotions and hearts are so complex, more diverse than this million worlds. The male and female protagonists in the movie also have very different approaches to love.

Susan and the second fall in love. Susan is tender and infatuated. Goethe said: “Love, your words are my sustenance, your breath is my mellow wine. “The second is Susan’s food and wine. Regardless of the departure of the second, regardless of his desperate letter: “Everything we have is dead, and I am dead, you marry someone else.” Nor did the love of the oldest and the wealthy and noble and comfortable life offered never shake Susan’s fervent love for the oldest. So she was in pain that she couldn’t help herself.

Of course, the second one also loves Susan. But I don’t think he loved this beautiful woman more than he loved his brothers. They separated because of his reasons. After Susan married someone else, the second did not dwell too much, turned his head to marry another woman and have children, live quite happily.

The woman’s fascination and attention to love, whether it is physical, or social and cultural reasons? Society never requires a woman to have a career, so women naturally want to spend their endless energy on love. Is that so?

Life is very complicated, thinking is not really useful, then it is better to feel it. To feel that no matter is ordinary or passionate burning long years.

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