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Secret Superstar love and dream

India is a relatively backward country, where the status of women is very low. The movie “Mystery Superstar” is a cry for the advancement of women, showing the suppression of women in Indian society and their gradually awakening sense of rebellion, which is very obvious.The film tells the inspiring story of a girl named Yinshiya, who grows up in a family under the violent suppression of her father, and quietly pursues her dream of becoming a singer under the shelter of her mother, and finally gains social recognition. After watching the movie, my first feeling was that such a mother is so great. At the end of the movie, a line of subtitles appeared: Dedicated to mothers and their great love.

As Yin Xiya said in the film when she won the award: You all think the mystery star is me, but it’s not, the mystery star should be my mother! Mom, you’re not stupid, you’re a genius, you’re not a coward, you’re a fighter, you’re the best mom in the world! Applause thundered from the stage, and Yin Xiya and her mom hugged each other tightly ……

A woman is weak, but a mother is strong. Yinshiya’s mother, named Najma, was also born in a family that was not valued. She had no schooling, could not read or write, and married Yinshiya’s father by her father’s order. She resigned herself to her fate and submitted to her violent husband, who had a long history of domestic violence, but the strength in her bones should not be underestimated.

When her husband learned that she was pregnant with a girl, the whole family asked her to abort the baby, but she refused.

But since it was late that day and the doctor had an appointment for surgery the next day, they left her alone in the hospital, so she took advantage of the night to escape quietly. She showed a strong spirit of defiance when it came to the matter of her daughter’s life.

Ten months later, she returned home with her daughter in her arms and promised to do as she was told (abort) the next time she was pregnant with a girl, in exchange for her husband’s reluctant acceptance of her. She gave her daughter meticulous care in every way so that she would not be neglected like herself, and she could be capricious, pampered and a little girl in front of her.

From the beginning to the end, she did not see her husband show her a single bit of care, but only mockery and scolding whenever he came. Her husband said that all the things her brother sent her were garbage, and the only necklace was a dowry given by her father when she got married, but her husband disliked her for losing face.

She forgot to boil the water and had her hand broken, the food was spilled with sauce when she put less salt in it, and her eyes were swollen by her husband right after she appeared in the play. But all these, Najma endured in silence, because she wanted to protect her daughter with her weakness and give her light and love.

She quietly took money from her husband’s pocket to buy her daughter’s beloved guitar when Yinshiya was six years old; she endured the pain of selling her dowry necklace to buy her daughter a computer, and stood in front of her daughter when she was reprimanded by her husband. She was a weak woman, but did her best to protect her beloved daughter.

Ignoring suffering, she dares to talk about her dreams. The father in the play is not a poor laborer from the bottom, but an engineer whose education did not teach him how to be a good father and a good husband. Yin Xiya grew up watching her father abuse and scold her mother, but her mother never complained and never said anything bad about her father; she even called her mother a coward. Whenever her father came home, the atmosphere in the house became tense and depressing, except for her brother, who would smile a little, and her mother and Yinshiya, who were given orders by her father like a master, and Yinshiya and her mother were too scared to speak much.

There was a happy atmosphere in the house when my father was not at home. Yinshiya could play her beloved guitar and wanted to post a video of her playing and singing on the Internet, but she was afraid that her father would find out, so she was so distressed that she couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. Her mother advised her to stop dreaming, but Yin Xiya said, “If there is no dream, what is the difference between living and sleeping?

Sleeping would be dreaming, and waking up would be to pursue her dreams. When Najma saw how persistent her daughter was, she gave her the idea to play and sing masked so that others could hear her beautiful songs. Believing it, Yinsheya tried recording a video of her masked face and posted it on the Internet, where it drew a lot of attention. Excited by her first success, Yin Xiya pulled her mother to see her “record” and the two mothers and daughters hugged each other happily.

Soon, Yin Xiya became a sought-after “mystery star”,and the TV hosts were excitedly reporting on the rising “star” on their show, just as her father was at home. Fearing that her father would see her, her mother and brother covered for her, and her brother pretended not to notice and bumped into her father, who spilled his coffee on him and had to go to the bathroom to change. Take advantage of this moment, the mother hurried to change the TV channel. Everything was going in a good direction until the father found out that the mother had sold the necklace to buy her a computer.

A fishy storm came inexorably, and the mother asked her to take her brother into the room and endure the violent beating of her husband alone. Hearing the sound of her mother being knocked to the ground in the living room, Yoon Hee-ah rushes out recklessly, and in order to calm her father’s anger, she throws the computer down the stairs and shatters it on the spot, and with it, her heart.

Yinsheya’s dream is to become a singing star. What is Najma’s dream? She probably never dared to think about her dream, or even how to live without her husband. Although she was only 15 years old, Yin Xiya was a resilient girl who fought for her dream without her guitar or computer. Because she understands that only when she becomes a star will she be able to take her mother and brother away from her father. Yinsheya also contacted a lawyer and drafted divorce papers for her mother, but to her surprise she was rejected by her mother, who never wanted to leave the house or change her life. Yes, this movie shows the power of love of an underdog, and it is a hymn of motherly love!

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