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Interstellar time cannot be turned back, only love lives on

Star Trek is about a time in the near future when the climate has changed dramatically, food crops have been attacked by blight, and humans can no longer survive on a sandstorm-ravaged Earth. Cooper, once NASA’s best pilot, is chosen as part of a plan to save humanity, and is therefore forced to leave his son and daughter, with Brand and other people, to go beyond the solar system to find another chance of life.

Some people say that Star Trek is not considered a pure hard science fiction movie. The space film is special because it can break the ethical perspective, but from the transcendent dimension (cosmology, religion) to grasp human society again. Nolan’s effort, on the other hand, is closer to using blind spots outside of physics to elevate the value of human ethics. The father-daughter relationship with Murphy (Murph, played by Jessica Chastain) runs almost throughout the film, and is also an important emotional thread driving the entire narrative.

On one side is a space adventure, on the other side is a commonplace emotional drama. No matter how hard science fiction on the outside: wormholes, black holes, space adventure, multi-dimensional space …… the core of the most is still affection and love. Science and theory are actually for the feelings, with a very hard shell wrapped in the softest emotions. Because of this, it will not be “2001 A Space Odyssey” as serious great science fiction, but there is a more full-bodied feelings. The part of the film that resonated with me the most was the deep sense of loneliness when humans are floating in space. The silent world, the fragmented thoughts of family members, especially Cooper and his daughter to say goodbye and watch his daughter’s video footage of tears almost make people cry.

Love, through time and space When Cooper flew into the black hole, fell into the fifth dimension, the whole film also came to its climax. In the fifth dimension, Cooper finally understood the original brought him here, and not the so-called unknown “five-dimensional creatures”, but is their own.

When the robot Tas asked: I have tried all the methods, but have not been able to transmit the data of the black hole, how can you tell Murphy? Cooper replied with certainty. “All of this, in a little girl’s bedroom, every moment, extremely complex, they have almost all of time and space, but there is no binding, they can not find a specific location in time, they can not communicate, that’s why I’m here …… ”

“I’m going to find a way to tell Murphy, just like I found this moment.” Perhaps even a super-intelligent robot like TARS still couldn’t understand what Cooper was feeling at this moment, as TARS listened quietly to Cooper’s almost excited and demented expressions and asked, “How do you do that? Cooper.” “Love! Tas, it’s love! Like Brand said, the communication between Murphy and I can be quantified, and that’s the key”.

In the black hole, the only thing that can exist is gravity and time, but Cooper understood at the last moment (and also let the audience comprehend), there is another kind of material, also able to exist in this boundless darkness – that is love, his love for Murphy, his attachment to Murphy, beyond time and space. And such a super distance role, any quantum mechanics and relativity can not explain, in the distance of almost tens of millions of light-years between the two places, two hearts tightly connected, interoperable, each other’s concern, so much so that just a watch on the second hand slightly twitching, Murphy can still understand – this is his father in communication with her.

And it is Cooper’s “love” for his daughter as the driving force, so that the cause and effect of the cycle, so that the story echoes the first and last; to expand, also as a father, in the light of the back and forth between Nolan and Matthew (played by Cooper) borrowed such a story, using the way to guide and act to show their feelings for their children and family –Such “love” is also the biggest emotional card of the film, in the sublimation of the whole film at the same time to the audience for the universe, for the doubts of time and space, a clever and reasonable erasure type answer.

Cooper told Murphy the quantum data of the black hole, in the form of a trembling second hand, saving humanity, which was almost in despair. Emotion is the greatest weakness of mankind, but also the greatest strength If Cooper’s love for Murphy, is great and sacred, then Professor Mann’s self-love for himself should not be similarly disparaged, because they both come from our own feelings, emotion is the greatest weakness of mankind, but also the greatest strength.

Professor Mann (Matt Damon), almost by deception, makes Cooper and his party come to his planet, only to find that it is not suitable for human existence. Mann in order to bury this truth, and even to Cooper secretly kill, good in Brand rescue timely, Cooper is not in this icy, barren and silent planet to die.

In fact, think about Professor Mann, there is no excuse, full of human expectations, alone to this planet, was full of confidence to find a new home, but found here only the bone-chilling cold and no grass ice, no matter who is under such absolute loneliness and despair, it is difficult to do without fluctuations in the heart, and it is this fluctuation – -from the lowest level of human feelings, the kind of extreme desire for survival, so that Professor Mann made such a move.

So is Professor Mann necessarily selfish and despicable? I think not, if he is really such a person, naturally will not be the first group of human beings selected as the leader of the pioneers. Looking backward, we can see that when Mann flew up to the space station and prepared for docking, he still had all of humanity in mind. Perhaps he lost the ability to judge right and wrong when the primitive desire to survive dominated him, but when he survived, the kind of compassion he showed – for humanity, the race, and not from the perspective of the individual invested compassion, still makes him seem great in a sense. General relativity, special relativity, the vast profundity of Murphy’s law of suggestive understanding, are not as great as love! Eternity!

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