Love Movie


Under the glare of fuschia neon lights Simon (Théodore Pellerin) is twirling. ABBA’s “Voulez-Vous” is blaring, and a perfectly placed fan is blowing his blonde wig around in all the right ways. He is the center of the universe, and no one can convince him, or us, otherwise. “Solo,” the third directorial effort from Sophie Dupuis (as well as her third project working with Pellerin), is all about performance: the shows we put on for entertainment and the ones we mount for self-preservation.

“Solo” is centered in Montreal’s drag scene, and Simon, a makeup artist by day, is on the venue’s main lineup of drag queens by night, sporting original designs by his sister, Maude (Alice Moreault) for his shows (though in reality, we have the incredible work of costume designer Cédric Quenneville to thank). But beyond the shine and attention he receives on stage, Simon yearns for love. When a new performer, Olivier (Félix Maritaud), joins the club, he and Simon strike up a whirlwind love affair that’s passionate at best and volatile at worst. And whilst juggling this love, Simon is also confronted by the return of his mother, estranged 15 years, who moved to Europe to pursue her own artistry as an opera singer. Pining for validation and affection from both, Simon becomes pliable to the forces around him, and is set on an involuntary war path to find his worth.

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