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The Wandering Earth A thought provoking science fiction film

The movie, which stars Wu Jing and Wu Mengda, is said to be China’s first movie that qualifies as a “hardcore science fiction blockbuster” and is based on Liu Cixin’s science fiction novel of the same name.The second time I watched it, I was still deeply attracted and moved by the plot, and in front of meeting the great disaster, personal emotions were gradually replaced by a responsibility and mission. Liu Qi and grandpa were going to take refuge in a nearby aid station, but due to a misunderstanding, the vehicle was requisitioned to transport the flint in an emergency. The vehicle was destroyed, grandpa was unfortunately killed, and people kept sacrificing on the way to transport the flint …… to Wang Lei’s discontent and hostility to the later handshake, and the fearless spirit of common and active commitment to save the fate of mankind on earth made me long time Can not calm.

In the play, whether it is Liu Peiqiang driving the space station to the sea of fire, or Han Zion, Liu Qi, Wang Lei, Zhou Qian and other people regardless of personal safety to transport the flint, in addition to family love, and responsibility and mission in support of their courage to continue to move forward, even at the last moment still do not give up a glimmer of opportunity and hope, Liu Peiqiang with fearless sacrifice for mankind in exchange for a certain survival space, in our moved a mess, can not help but to When we are moved by the mess, we can’t help but ask ourselves: why has our living environment become so bad? I think this is also the inspiration brought to us by “Wandering Earth”.

Wandering Earth” did not disappoint me! The story is the story of the people of Earth, and the rescue is the rescue of the whole Earth and all the people on the Earth, regardless of ethnicity, nationality or race, without hostility and hatred, all share the same goal – to defend the home! And the production of the film, really comparable to the American blockbuster. The vastness of the universe, the imminent depletion of the sun, people living in the underground city, because the sun depletion caused the earth to flee in, the rotation stopped triggered a tsunami, the climate changed suddenly, the temperature dropped, the air is thin, everywhere is the ruins of the ice, we can only know through the subtitles this is Beijing, that is Shanghai, this is Manila, that is Zimbabwe… …the surface of the earth is absolutely unlovable, the people living in the dungeon are very restless, also, that kind of not seeing the sun, should not be good! But that is, after all, a basically normal life! And the space station. By the way, there are tears flowing in space – that crystal clear floating teardrops …… all of this, Chinese filmmakers also presented in front of the audience with the means of film, as well as the contrast between large and small, the crowded underground and empty dissipation of the The ground, as well as the spherical steering wheel of the car …… such extreme imagination of the production, really particularly shocking and satisfying!

There are countless science fiction films, but after I watched “Wandering Earth”, I also began to think about the ultimate meaning of human existence, thanks entirely to the epic pattern shaped by Liu Cixin in the original novel. Man is an animal that lives in meaning, and every breath, thought, and choice has to have its own ultimate purpose. And when all meaning no longer exists, disappearing into the endless nothingness, human creatures, how to find their own motivation to continue to reproduce and survive?

When the Earth disaster comes, some people look beyond the red world and shout “it’s useless to fight for anything”, some choose to escape and shoot themselves, some choose to return to their families and die, while others choose to continue to fight for the fate of the entire human race. The life of an individual is only a hundred years long. Pessimistic fatalism holds that the inevitable clearing of death leads to a life that, no matter how hard one tries, becomes a game of cards destined to be lost. This is certainly true, but I believe that all we have to do is try to lose in this game of life’s cards as wonderfully as possible.

Of course, in “Wandering Earth”, I feel that there are still some flaws that are unique to Chinese films that have not been overcome.

Chinese people are always introverted and subtle when it comes to their personal feelings, and they are not good at expressing their closeness to their families.

That’s why several of the emotional lines in “Wandering Earth” seem too simple and rough to me.

Liu Peiqiang and Liu Qi, a father-son relationship line, runs throughout the film and guides the plot.

A rebellious son, because of his mother’s death, has great resentment towards his father, while the father is full of guilt towards his son. Eventually the father sacrifices his life to save the Earth, which in turn triggers the son’s eventual understanding.

This emotional line is too simple, not full of complex trade-offs and emotional conflicts, but a microcosm of the tensions between father and son in an ordinary family, which does not match the deep and big story intent of the whole film. In order to show the rebellious side of the young hero and heroine Liu Qi and his sister Han Doduo, the play is too strong, making them disgustingly straightforward and rebellious.

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